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April 11th 2024, 6 PM

Club Punctum

Topic: How do I get my deposit back in full?

We would like to invite you to the April public meeting (not only) for tenants. This time on the topic of:

How do I get my deposit back in full?

At the next INN (Tenants Initiative) meeting, we will discuss the refundable security deposit. You’ll also learn how the no/refundable security deposit initiative helps its membership.

👤 Our guest will be lawyer Michael, with whom we will discuss, in addition to the above, what a refundable security deposit is and is not for, and what rights we have as tenants.

🗺️ As is customary, we will meet at Punctum – Krásovka.

📌 English translation on the spot included.

We look forward to seeing you. 🏡