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More and more people cannot afford their own apartment. Rental housing has thus become an increasingly common choice for many of us. However, renting is still associated with great insecurity, dignity and rising economic costs. In such it is impossible to create a stable and permanent home.

We are tenants who want to change this situation. We seek social change that will bring dignity and security of tenure for those who cannot achieve home ownership. That is why the Tenants’ Initiative was founded in September 2020. We believe that we can only achieve the necessary change together.

We are building a membership organization that gives tenants a voice and is able to defend them against injustice. We organize public meetings to discuss our issues and work together with individual tenants to resolve conflicts with their landlords and landladies.

In less than a year, our Initiative has recruited dozens of new members, confirming that we are on the right track and will continue our activities!

If you also want to participate in creating better living conditions in the city where you live – join us! Come to our regular meeting, fill in our online form or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.