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As tenants we face ever increasing rents, weak legal protection and insecurity. That is why we will meet regularly and gradually improve our situation. What are our goals?

  • We want to end back-to-back short-term contracts
  • Rent levels should be set fairly – for example, according to price maps like in Germany
  • We also call for the taxation of empty flats and the regulation of AirBnB
  • We demand that the burden of increased energy costs not be borne by tenants and that cities and the state start supporting non-profit forms of housing
  • We have even more similar systemic goals – ending housing discrimination, allowing tenant unions, or mandating a portion of municipal housing in new developments

Interested in our bold plans? Join us to give them a concrete form! Just join our regular meetings – you can find the time of the next meeting on this page. If you’re not from Prague, we’d love to hear from you at