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Feburary 8th 2024, 6 PM

Club Punctum

Topic: How is the chaining of short-term contracts abroad dealt with legislatively?

For the past six months, INN’s members have been working on an analysis that summarizes the current rental situation in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this analysis, we know that energy poverty (the state of not being able to afford to heat your home to a reasonable temperature without limiting other basic necessities of life) plagues a large part of the population. We also know that the largest group of energy poor are those in rented accommodation – how does the situation of renting and chaining short-term contracts relate to energy poverty? And how can these two problems be solved?

In order to find out, we have looked at how tenancy relationships and contracts are being addressed in other EU countries and we would like to present selected examples to you as well as to the Ministry of Regional Development.

🗣️ We will present possible solutions based on the examples of good practice in the field of rental housing in other countries. The publication based on this analysis will be presented by INN Brno member Barbora Jelínková, who also works as a researcher and organizer for the Re-set platform and has been researching housing as a sociologist for a long time.

Stay with us afterwards for a drink or just a game of ping pong. We can chat and share our experiences not only in rental housing.
📌 A social worker will be happy to advise you on housing benefit.
📌 English translation on the spot included.

We look forward to seeing you 🏡