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The Unbearable Hardship of Renting in Prague


Punctum, Krásova 27, Prague

We, the tenants initiative (INN), are a new group of people that care about the housing situation in Prague. Come to discuss and share your experiences as tenants in Prague, where the housing crisis has made it increasingly difficult to find an affordable flat and weak tenant rights have led to many abuses. This is especially true for foreigners who don’t always know their rights and don’t master the local language.

We’re a new group of people who want to help each others as tenants and advocate for better housing policies in the country. We also have a group for English-speaking foreigners and we want to meet and discuss together our issues as tenants. What problems have you encountered? Was there any support to face those issues? Do you have some tips to share with other tenants?

Following this first meeting, we will organise a presentation with a lawyer who will explain the DOs and DONTs of renting in Czechia and will answer your questions. The second meeting in January will be organised jointly with city authorities.

Come on December 13th to discuss tenant rights and issues and let’s make this city a better place for everyone!“

P.S. snacks and champagne included!

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